Riding on a penny

Tax planning strategies", a cover for Investment News

David Stokes, art director of Investment News was looking for a novel way of showing the "fiscal cliff".   I liked the idea of a man steering his savings along a green path, and then suddenly coming to a hole.  


for The Chronicle of Higher Education

Art director Ellen Winkler asked me illustrate this piece about colleges that are hungry for funding and in search of philanthropists.  They're not so easy to catch.

"How Scholars Can Improve International Relations", for The Chronicle of Higher Education

Academics who devote so much of their time to the study of humanities and politics have much to offer society, but they are often perceived as "sitting in an ivory tower" above and outside of the real world.  This perception only widens the divide between academics and policy makers, to the disadvantage of society.  


HR magazine cover, "How Transformations Take Flight"

"How Transformations Take Flight"


A cover for Computerworld

 Art Director April Montgomery asked me to see what I could do with a butterfly and some IT materials to represent rebirth and restructuring or reingineering.  The idea is that future technology will be more integrated into the design of things and that the objects and machines we use will be more organic.

Over The Cliff

This illustration is for a commentary in the Chronicle Review about the uproar surrounding the firing of University of Virginia’s popular president Teresa Sullivan.  She "lost her chair".

for The Chronicle Review

New Banyan Illustrations for The Economist

"Pakistan’s saviour? Popular cricket player politician Imran Khan aims high", for The Economist.

Nobody’s satellite state"; North Korea Kim Jong Un prepares to celebrate the 100th Birthday of Kim iL Sung by launching a satellite with technology that has ICBM capability.  For The Economist

"The Buddha and the tigress", for The Economist

This illustration is based on a traditional story of the Buddha taking pity on a starving tigress and sparing her children by sacrificing himself. 

Illustrating Financial Hell

Cori Canady invited me to come up with an illustration for Common Ground magazine depicting the depths of financial despair for community associations that are going under. 

for Common Ground magazine

Living in a myth

 This article discusses the idea of how we live in a "myth" where our lives are driven by the idea that material consumption brings spiritual happiness.

 for Zwierciadlo

for Zwierciadlo

for The Economist

 How long will the western forces stay in Afghanistan?   What is their level of commitment?   This Banyan piece for the Economist observes a stoic attitude on the part of the Afghani people who watch and wait patiently to see what will happen.  "Time will tell".

for The Economist

Asia has a dismal record on tackling war crimes.  

for The Chronicle Review

This piece for The Chronicle Review focuses on the psychology of healthy people's reactions and attitudes toward students with disabilities.  The commentary suggests that we harbour fears and stereotypes, and need to confront our inner judgments.


for Zwierciadlo

I was asked to illustrate a series of interviews with the Polish author/psychologist Wojciech Eichelberger for the Polish fashion magazine, Zwierciadlo.  This piece is about masculinity in the modern age.

for Zwierciado magazine

This one is about religion.


for Beloit College

A cover for Beloit College's Fall/Winter '11 issue.  

Science News Cover

Here is a new cover I created for Science News, about genetic research and cancer. Though the idea was to portray the cancer cells as misshapen and malignant, I think the texture and colors gave it a certain beauty.

for Science News

In the clouds with Computerworld

I had the opportunity to work with art director April Montgomery on this illustration for Computerworld magazine.  The concept was to show how the clunky old mainframes of yesterday will be running the suave, clean, cloud technology of today.   It has a little bit of a Terry Gilliam feeling to it.

for Computerworld magazine. 

New illustrations for The Economist

Here are a few recent favorites for the Banyan column.

"Friends like these", The Economist

The relationship between China and North Korea is presented in this Banyan article as an interesting partnership.  Kim Jong Un's unpredictability can serve as a useful deterrent from military adventurism in the area.  But at that same turn can also turn and bite the hand that feeds it.

"The great wave", The Economist

This Banyan discusses how Japan views the sea and itself.  The article discusses some of the symbolism Katsushika Hokusai's famous woodcut, “Beneath the Wave off Kanagawa”.    I attempted to pay tribute to this famous image,  applying my style.

A Spring Cover for Kellogg School of Management

Here is a cover that I recently illustrated for Kellogg World Alumni Magazine, of the cutting-edge Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. The feature, titled "Ideas in Motion" presents the trends and challenges that managers will face in the coming decades. My challenge for this cover was to illustrate the idea of growth, momentum, and positivity.

for Kellog School of Management, Northwestern University

A cover for The Economist: butterflies in a bamboo forest

I had the priviledge of illustrating the cover for this week’s Economist, titled “Bamboo capitalism”. There are businessmen steering red butterflies through a thriving bamboo forest. The image is meant to show how the enterpreneurial spirit of individual businessmen is what drives China’s rapid growth and productivity. Kudos to the keen artistic vision and collaboration of Graeme James, Art director.


for The Economist

Silver award for "Best Use of Digital Imagery" at Folio

Kudos to April Montgomery over at Computerworld for another award winning design collaboration. This illustration I came up with for Computerworld’s December cover and inside spread helped to win the silver award for Best Use of Digital Imagery, B–to-B at the 2010 Folio Eddie and Ozzie award ceremonies.  My challenge was to illustrate today’s early pioneers embracing cloud computing. 

for Computerworld Magazine