I illustrated this recent cover for a book of poetry by A. W. Richard  Sipe, psychologist, priest, and proverbial warrior poet, who spent 18 years as a Benedictine monk before becoming a famous psychotherapist, and a preeminent expert on the subject of sexual abuse and the Catholic clergy.  His studies were brought forth as key evidence in the Boston Globe’s “Limelight” expose, which was later made into in the award-winning film, “Limelight”.  Richard has devoted a good bit of his time writing and publishing his poetry over the past few years.  The cover that I was privileged to create for his most recent publication, ”Courage at Three AM,” features poetic reflections of his battles, along with themes involving self-reflection, love, struggle, myth, aging and memories of childhood.  I attempted to capture something of the wounded warrior, tired but not beaten, with spirit alive and intact.