Riding on a penny

Tax planning strategies", a cover for Investment News

David Stokes, art director of Investment News was looking for a novel way of showing the "fiscal cliff".   I liked the idea of a man steering his savings along a green path, and then suddenly coming to a hole.  


for The Chronicle of Higher Education

Art director Ellen Winkler asked me illustrate this piece about colleges that are hungry for funding and in search of philanthropists.  They're not so easy to catch.

"How Scholars Can Improve International Relations", for The Chronicle of Higher Education

Academics who devote so much of their time to the study of humanities and politics have much to offer society, but they are often perceived as "sitting in an ivory tower" above and outside of the real world.  This perception only widens the divide between academics and policy makers, to the disadvantage of society.  


HR magazine cover, "How Transformations Take Flight"

"How Transformations Take Flight"