A Look Back at the Financial Crisis of '08

I enjoyed working on several feature illustrations for Knowable Magazine's latest issue, about the financial crisis of 2008. The articles in the series discuss the impact of mortgages and the housing boom on the economy. Many thanks to art director, Lisa Modica!

“Timeline: Major moments of the 2008 global financial crisis”

“…safeguards should reduce the vast vulnerabilities seen 10 years ago. But putting out fires may be harder.”

“A ‘subprime’ crisis in housing? Think again.”

Environmental Consequences

Very happy to have the opportunity to create this latest illustration for Kathy Shady, art director at Chicago Magazine. The article warned of the environmental repercussions of building a large factory on nearby towns, not far from Lake Michigan and the Des Plaines and Fox Rivers. Towns would face serious flooding as a result of the complex’s intrusion on natural wetlands, that would otherwise serve as a buffer to absorb stormwater. Here’s a link to the published article.

for Chicago Magazine

for Chicago Magazine

"Death by work"

A new illustration for The Economist Magazine, under the subheading "Japan’s habits of overwork are hard to change".  Japanese businessmen work such long hours, they rarely have time to spend with their families.  Sometimes they do not make it home in time to sleep.  The article questions the high personal price that this cultural work ethic has seemed to have taken, and asks, can it be remedied?  Here's a link.

for The Economist Magazine

"The Clean Cycle", for Science News

Here is something I just made for Science News Magazine, with thanks to art directors Erin Otwell and Tracee Tibbits.  The article discusses the importance of sleep as a way for the brain to cleanse itself of waste which may cause Alzheimer's disease.  One thing that amused me as I neared completion of the image, is that the brain seems to be enjoying this.

Client: Science News

Art for Healing

I have just completed several large images that had been commissioned to decorate the new McGivney Surgical Center in Connecticut. These pieces are part of an ongoing series that suggest themes of healing the body and spirit, through figures in motion that are brightly colored and highly textured.  I created these pieces digitally, working from photographs, collaging and painting (digitally), and combining a variety of graphic techniques.  The images were printed on Hahnemuele rag paper using archival inks.  The largest of the series is a framed print, 64” wide x 40”high.

40" x 40" fine art print

Teaching Across a Cultural Chasm

I had the opportunity to illustrate this piece for The Chronicle of Higher Education.  The subject is how important it is for teachers to relate to their students' cultural backgrounds and orientation when they are not the same as their own.

for The Chronicle of Higher Education


 I illustrated this recent cover for a book of poetry by A. W. Richard  Sipe, psychologist, priest, and proverbial warrior poet, who spent 18 years as a Benedictine monk before becoming a famous psychotherapist, and a preeminent expert on the subject of sexual abuse and the Catholic clergy.  His studies were brought forth as key evidence in the Boston Globe’s “Limelight” expose, which was later made into in the award-winning film, “Limelight”.  Richard has devoted a good bit of his time writing and publishing his poetry over the past few years.  The cover that I was privileged to create for his most recent publication, ”Courage at Three AM,” features poetic reflections of his battles, along with themes involving self-reflection, love, struggle, myth, aging and memories of childhood.  I attempted to capture something of the wounded warrior, tired but not beaten, with spirit alive and intact.

It's All in Your Head

I created this illustration for the cover of the recently released pop-psychology book, "It's All in Your Head”, published by Wicked Cow Studios.  The challenge was to conceptualize a multitude of psychology topics in one arresting image that fits the title.  The book offers insights into the brain, illusion, dreams, love, creativity, music, addiction, technology, memory and mental disorders, among many other topics. The details coming out of the man’s head in the image were discussed and fine-tuned in collaboration with Michael Hermann of Wicked Cow studios, and Samantha Merley of Merley Design. 

cover art by Michael Morgenstern

A cover for American Scientist Magazine

The idea behind this cover was to convey how our biological clocks are often upset by artificial elements in our modern lifestyles, contributing to sleep deprivation and health problems.  I attempted to create a feeling of confusion or vertigo by contrasting the circular graphic elements with the human figure.  Barbara Aulicino provided excellent art direction.

for American Scientist Magazine

A False Sense of Security, for The Wall Street Journal

Here is something I just created for the Wall Street Journal titled, “The limits of Antivirus Software”.  Though we may think our antivirus software is protecting us, hackers can actually use the code to gain access to our critical data.  Thanks to Orlie Kraus, art director!  

for The Wall Street Journal

"A Roll of the Dice...", for the Wall Street Journal

I had fun working on this illustration for The Wall Street Journal, about the link between gambling-friendly attitudes in various areas and companies misreporting financial information.  Thanks to Orlie Kraus, art director.

"A Link Between Gambling and Financial Misreporting", Wall Street Journal

New Work for The Economist

I've been busy illustrating for The Economist lately!  Here are a few of my favorite images I created over the past few weeks for their Banyan Section on Asian Politics.

India and China vie over the Himalayan border

Taiwan embraces same-sex marriage

America pulling away from it's leadership role in Asia

Adapting to a new politic

It's always a great pleasure illustrating for the weekly Economist's Banyan section.  This is something I created for an article describing how the remaining 11 countries of the Trans Pacific Partnership are trying to survive after their economic superpower trading partner, the US, recently cut off relations following the implementation of President Trump's new trade policies.  (Article here

for The Economist Magazine

for The Economist Magazine

Now animating

I like making my illustrations move!

A question of dialect

With the many language groups and dialects spoken in China today, Mandarin rises to the front.  The challenge for this illustration was to convey the clashing of many smaller and differing dialects coming from the same place, but merging into a larger and more direct communication.

for The Economist magazine